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A platform for NGO management support and optimisation

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Key Features of MSO

The building blocks you need to run your NGO.

Tools, templates & guides

From policy templates to detailed information sheets – our tools cover all aspects of NGO management. Created to assist community service providers, our resources cover everything from HR to finance, development, non-profit planning and more.

Assessment & Diagnosis

Our management support online platform offers you a range of diagnostic questionnaires – enabling you to hone in on your organisation's strengths and weaknesses. These tools build awareness of your business and help improve and optimise your organisation.

Policies & procedures​

At BNG, we have a collection of policies and procedures that we know work well – after all, we’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years! Dive into our library to see how our ​NGO management policies and procedures can be tailored to enhance your business practices.

Best practice guides

Over the years, we’ve compiled a collection of best practice tools for Australian community and health service providers. Explore our guides and experience the positive improvements that our ​NGO support ​resources can help you with.

Tailored peak/group services

Acting as a ‘virtual consultant’, the MSO platform has been built to flexibly cater to your group or peak organisation. Login to the platform and tailor our tools to your specialised sector – from ​not-for-profit governance​, to general business support, MSO is tailored to you.

Key Benefits of MSO

While you support the community, we support you​

Supports efficiency

We’ve crafted a foundation for you. All you have to do is follow the processes and make them your own – MSO is a real time-saver!

Enhances expertise

MSO hosts ​NGO support ​tools that will empower your staff and enhance their internal skills and capabilities – both at an individual, and overarching scale.

Manages risk

Providing you with the knowledge and expertise you need, our platform offers strategies for not-for-profit governance​, management and operational technicalities – helping you identify risks and implement best practice.

Provides accessibility​

Access our resources and expertise, no matter where you are! As a digital service, our platform is readily accessible, offering quality ​management support online​ for service providers in every corner of Australia.

​Improves quality

At BNG, quality is key. The MSO platform has been carefully crafted to empower your organisation, with best practice governance and quality management processes.

MSO exists to guide the generous work you’re doing for Australians. Sign up.

Our Packages

Subscription rates for our services are scaled to the annual revenue of organisations, as part of our commitment to supporting smaller NGOs.  Subscriptions to Management Support Online (MSO) may be purchased as a one-year subscription.

Organisation's Annual Revenue:
Up to $1 million
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
$1m to $5 million
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
$5m to $10 million
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
greater than $10 million
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Resource topics available in MSO

Below are the governance topics and subtopics which are addressed by the hundreds of resources in MSO.

Organisation Foundations

  •  Organisation Structure
  •  Purpose & Values
  •  Cultural Competence
  •  Accountability
  •  Information Privacy

Governance & Management

  •  Governance Structures
  •  Board Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Board Recruitment
  •  Board Induction
  •  Developing Board Performance
  •  Governance in Practice
  •  Risk Management
  •  Compliance Management

Planning, Development & Performance

  • Planning
  •  Business Development
  •  Organisation Performance Management
  •  Change Management
  •  Mergers & Amalgamations
  •  Quality Management

Human Resources

  •  Workplace Relations
  •  Workforce Planning
  •  Staff Recruitment
  •  Staff Induction
  •  Performance Management
  •  Learning & Development
  •  Staff Exit
  •  Volunteers
  •  Students

Finance & Asset Management

  •  Financial Safety
  •  Financial Plans & Budget
  •  Financial Accounting
  •  Financial Monitoring & Reporting
  •  Asset Management

Information & Technology

  •  Information & Knowledge Systems
  •  Client Record Management
  •  Corporate/Business Record Management
  •  Information & Communication Technology

Services & Activities

  •  Service Planning & Evaluation
  •  Client Service Delivery
  •  Feedback & Complaints
  •  Project Management
  •  Disability Resources
  •  Aged Care Resources

Safe Environment

  • Building and Equipment Safety
  • Emergency Management
  • Safety Systems
  • Waste & Environment Management


  •  Branding & Promotion
  •  Communication Systems
  •  Media & Social Media

External Relationships & Stakeholders

  •  Collaborations
  •  Members
We used SPP to prepare for our recent NDIS audit across a range of service areas and it was extremely helpful – to the degree that our auditor said we “exceeded” in several areas! As part of that process, we worked with BNG to build a bespoke internal “Vinnies NDIS” module, to ensure consistency of practices across our many services. We are thrilled with the results and are now using SPP across our whole organisation.
St Vincent de Paul Society (NSW)
Just wanted to let you know we really appreciated your extra effort to get us up-do-date with the new NDIS practice standards. We’ve already received some feedback from our audit, and they were really pleased that we already had a draft guideline to cover High Intensity Daily Personal Activities. Thanks again for your ongoing support – it is appreciated and is making a difference!!
Large multi-service provider, WA
SPP has been a great resource for understanding and mapping Standards, preparing for Audits and also sourcing resources for policy development. I would recommend it to other organisations to complement their quality and compliance work. Information can be easily shared, and evidence gathered to support all work done.
Community mental health service provider, Victoria
I like the speed and ease of SPP, I love how it maps multiple standards. It’s so convenient, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare to do the work manually. The templates are great for gap analysis. SPP resource templates are great for implementing new policies in the office and for what we do day to day.
Large provider of settlement services to immigrants, New South Wales
I have found the SPP system amazing. It provides a structured way to work through the standards and then provide a succinct report on the evidence being provided for a surveyor to view how we meet the standard. I used this in our recent accreditation survey, the auditor was very impressed, AND we are now accredited for ISO 9001. Thanks again. A great system.
Provider of diverse range of health programs, Queensland
We really like SPP. We use the resources in the Reading Room and couldn't have passed our accreditation with flying colours without SPP.
Advocacy, support and education provider, Australian Capital Territory
Everything is going well with SPP. It’s helped us through three lots of accreditation over the past nine months plus some internal auditing, so I’m very glad to have had it to assist us through the processes.
Large regional multi-service provider, Victoria
Thanks Claire, I just wanted to pass on the compliments we received from the NDIS auditors. We gave them access to SPP to audit our documents and they were amazed and thrilled with the platform. It made their job so easy and they were not aware that a platform like this exists. Just wanted to share this feedback. We've been using SPP now for six years, and we are very happy with it.
Home Care and Disability Services Provider, New South Wales
Hi BNG, I love you guys! Thanks for all the updates, they are great!!! I am madly getting ready for audit and couldn’t do it without you.
Community transport provider, New South Wales
Hi James, I'd just like to say that working with you and your colleagues at BNG/SPP has been nothing short of excellent. Your professionalism, the quality of your product and your amazing customer service have been so completely refreshing!
Large provider of homelessness services, Victoria
The portal has really improved our ability to conduct self-assessments, and helped to reduce risk through greater visibility against other accreditation standards. Another terrific benefit is access to all of the templates and evidence guides in the Reading Room, as well as the regular alerts about new resources or industry changes, to make sure we keep up to date.
Baptcare, Victoria
We just had our first certification audit under NDIS Quality Safeguards Standard last week, the auditor loved the portal. Keep up the excellent work!
Large provider of supports to adults with a disability, Victoria
Thanks again for all the amazing support you and the team offer – makes our job so easy having such a stable tool to work on with our clients.
Provider of accreditation and governance services
I just wanted to let you know that we've now completed our ASES accreditation! A big thank you to the team at BNG!
NSW homelessness service provider
Hello Team, we've just had our NDIS recertification audit. We used SPP to prepare and it placed us in good stead. We will continue to do a gap analysis every 6 months and we will be using SPP to ensure that we are across the latest requirements. Thank you again for providing such a good platform and such a helpful tool to enable providers to deliver the best care for participants.
Large disability home services provider, Vic