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We’ve built a network of consultants around Australia with expertise across a range of different standards, service types and specialist areas which are relevant to NFPs and NGOs.

Below is a list of consultants who are well-versed in the use of SPP and can help you get on top of your standards, quality and compliance needs.

Aged & Community Care Providers Association
LocationSydney, NSW
Phone0418 886 299
ContactJulie Anderson
ACCPA is the leading national peak body supporting providers of retirement living, community, home and residential care. ACCPA’s Consultancy service provides expert professional solutions in all areas of aged and community care management, including requirements relating to the NDIS Practice Standards where residential aged care providers are supporting NDIS participants. ACCPA’s approach is to mentor and build capacity of providers and enable them to navigate through aged care reforms and adverse compliance outcomes, improve governance and risk management and strengthen capability through a focus on quality and workforce. We are proud that our services continue to reach smaller regional, rural members and members providing services to diverse communities including culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • All states and territories
  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • ACNC – Governance Standards
Alison Sinclair Consulting (ASC) & Associates
LocationSouth Australia & New South Wales
Phone0402 884 320
ContactAlison Sinclair
The Director of ASC & Associates has been assessing against the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) since 2001. As a team we collectively have over 35 years’ of experience in quality, standards development and accreditation. Our aim is to provide a positive accreditation experience for our clients. In 2019 Alison conducted the first ASES assessment for a Specialist Homelessness Service in NSW, receiving excellent feedback. ASC's area of expertise is in providing a personalised and professional service, based on strong sector experience and understanding. We have experience in managing accreditation in large and small NGOs, from community centres, specialist homelessness, aged care, drug and alcohol services, peak bodies and Aboriginal community-controlled organisations. Standards and accreditation are simply another tool to support your organisation to achieve great outcomes. In addition to accreditation assessments we can conduct pre accreditation gap assessments against a range of other standards including ASES, QIC, National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS) and the NDIS Practice Standards. We can also work with you to prepare for accreditation through briefing sessions, Board or Executive training or information sessions on standards, quality or the accreditation process itself. ASC & Associates strives to work in a culturally safe and inclusive manner, continuing to build our understanding of culture and diversity in partnership with communities and organisations. For a profile of our Assessors, our Assessment Process and Accreditation tips and tricks, please contact us on the email or mobile above.

All states and territories.

  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • Australian Service Excellence Standards
  • Home Care Standards
Arcadia Quality Systems
LocationGoodwood SA
ContactTrish Hodgson
Arcadia Quality Systems has been providing personalised and tailored support to help organisations achieve their external accreditation requirements for nearly 20 years. Arcadia Quality Systems provide a truly capacity building approach to ensure organisations can sustain and maintain their systems. Arcadia Quality Systems can assist with auditing, consulting, and training. Arcadia specialises in the Disability, Community Services, and Mental Health / AOD sectors.

All states and territories

  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • VIC Human Services Standards
  • QLD Human Services Quality Framework
  • Australian Service Excellence Standards
  • ISO9001:2015
Clarity Point
LocationBendigo, VIC
Phone0414 360 555
ContactLisa Mariah
Since 2004 Clarity Point has specialised in business and technical writing and quality management. We provide professional and authentic service, supporting you to develop/update your policies and procedures so they are consistent, coherent and functional. We can also develop, review or update your quality management system for improved usability, and help you prepare for audits by identifying and addressing gaps. Lisa Mariah is a highly experienced writer, editor and proofreader with the ability to quickly connect the strategic with the operational. This unique blend of skills helps to seamlessly connect your vision into your systems, processes and documents. She is an experienced quality manager and auditor, bringing perspectives from both sides of the fence. Lisa is also a member of the Australian Organisation for Quality, founder of the Bendigo Quality Learning Circle, and SPP advocate.



• NDIS Practice Standards
• QIC Health and Community Services Standards (QIP)
• Human Services Standards (DHHS)

Compliance Consulting
LocationQueensland and ACT
Phone0434 149 364
ContactVanessa Gale
Vanessa has more than 25 years experience in the Education and Care Sector. In addition to working as an Early Childhood Teacher and Centre Director Vanessa has experience leading government regulators and advising private agencies, including not for profit, in areas of legislative reform, investigations, compliance and auditing. Vanessa founded Compliance Consulting in 2020 to address a needs gap for the Education and Care sector in areas of regulatory compliance. Professional services provided include conducting compliance audits, review and development of policy and procedure, investigations arising from allegations of non compliance with Law and Regulation, advising on matters relating to issues of non complaince and the development of specialised professional compliance training tailored to service specific needs.

All states and territories

  • National Quality Framework – ACECQA
  • National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
Dr Melanie Tan Consulting (Clinical Governance Specialist)
LocationSouth Australia and Victoria
Phone0459 529 417
ContactDr Melanie Tan
Dr Melanie Tan is an independent consultant offering consulting services, advice and training to providers across all care sectors. With diverse experiences as a medical practitioner (in acute care) and lawyer (in aged care, health and medical negligence), Melanie offers a unique and well-rounded perspective to contemporary clinical governance. Melanie also has an interest in how digital health can support clinical governance and vice versa (considered through a clinical, consumer and medico-legal lens) and is available to assist providers to implement digital systems from this perspective.

All states and territories



Effective Policy and Compliance/Effective Learning
Phone0478 649 137
ContactGina Ingrouille
Effective policy provides online self paced training, customised in person training, Mental Health First Aid Training, Internal audit/gap analysis, director and manager mentorship, policies and procedures, tools and templates.

All States and territories

  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • Australian Service Excellence Standards
  • Australian Therapeutic Community Standards
  • QIC Health and Community Service Standards
GoodRun Solutions
LocationWestern Australia
ContactGudrun Gilles
Gudrun is the principal consultant of her own business since 2001 and has attracted a wide range of projects over the years. She draws from her studies and hands-on experiences in the field when working with community-based organisations, government agencies and small and medium-sized business. Gudrun has supported a number of her clients to integrate SPP into their quality management approach which has proven to be very valuable, particularly for those organisations that have to meet compliance requirements across several Standards. Her sector related experience is derived from roles and projects in high-risk human services design, development and management, procurement, strategic planning facilitation, senior executive education and mentoring, systems development, review, monitoring, auditing and evaluating. In 2018 GoodRun Solutions was selected by National Disability Services (NDS) in Western Australia to join the panel of preferred consultants to provide business advice and respond to specific requirements of Western Australian disability support providers. In 2020 Gudrun has been identified by NDS as a leading expert in the disability sector in Western Australia, providing specialist consultant and training services as part of the (WA) Sector Readiness Project, aimed to assist disability service providers meet the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.
  • All states and territories
  • National Standards Disability Services
  • National Standards Mental Health Services
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • Better Care Standards
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework
  • Standard for Therapeutic Communities and Residential Rehabilitation Services
  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Disability Services Standards (Advocacy)
  • Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standard
IHCA Consulting Services
LocationBrisbane, QLD
Phone07 3844 2222
ContactFiona Loughlan
Our consultancy and certification services guide health, community and support services organisations throughout their journey to improving the safety and quality of their services. We advocate the value of the quality standards industry by sharing our expertise and knowledge through advice and training, together with upholding the integrity of quality standards through independent assessment and certification. Our trusted reputation is built on 30 years of working with government and non-government organisations in the metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia. We work with organisations of all sizes with respect for their cultures and backgrounds. Our role is to support every client on a journey towards excellence.

All states and territories

  • NDIS Practice Standards *
  • Human Services Quality Standards (QLD) *
  • ISO 9001:2015 *
  • National Standards for Disability Services
    • DES/SES *
    • NDAP *
  • Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standards *
  • ATCA Standards for Therapeutic Communities and Residential Rehabilitation Services *
  • National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards
  • National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Quality Assurance Framework

*IHCA is proudly accredited by JASANZ to certify organsiations against these standards

Phone0466 584 788
ContactJake Robertson
Kaloongi is an Aboriginal owned and led for-purpose consultancy, with over 30 years combined experience in the social service sector, including senior management and governance roles across Homelessness, Social Housing, Community Engagement and Child Protection sectors. Kaloongi has specialist skills in supporting both Aboriginal Community Controlled and non-Aboriginal organisations through all facets of accreditation from gap analysis, through to the development and implementation of policy frameworks such Risk, Audit, Quality, and HR, including engagement with your board, senior management and staff.
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
  • QLD Human Services Quality Framework
  • QIC Health & Community Service Standards
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence
  • National Community Housing Standards
  • National Regulatory Code for Community Housing – All Tiers
SQS Safety & Quality Solutions
Phone0418 370 045
ContactCarli Lamb
SQS specialises in training and consulting solutions for community services and in particular, NDIS providers. We provide assistance with preparing for and meeting the NDIS standards and also working through non conformances. SQS is currently delivering workshops Australia wide focussed on meeting the NDIS Standards. Our workshop facilitators and consultants are experienced auditors who have already conducted audits against the NDIS Practice Standards across four states, for several approved certification bodies.
  • Australia wide
  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • HSS Victoria

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We used SPP to prepare for our recent NDIS audit across a range of service areas and it was extremely helpful – to the degree that our auditor said we “exceeded” in several areas! As part of that process, we worked with BNG to build a bespoke internal “Vinnies NDIS” module, to ensure consistency of practices across our many services. We are thrilled with the results and are now using SPP across our whole organisation.
St Vincent de Paul Society (NSW)
Just wanted to let you know we really appreciated your extra effort to get us up-do-date with the new NDIS practice standards. We’ve already received some feedback from our audit, and they were really pleased that we already had a draft guideline to cover High Intensity Daily Personal Activities. Thanks again for your ongoing support – it is appreciated and is making a difference!!
Large multi-service provider, WA
SPP has been a great resource for understanding and mapping Standards, preparing for Audits and also sourcing resources for policy development. I would recommend it to other organisations to complement their quality and compliance work. Information can be easily shared, and evidence gathered to support all work done.
Community mental health service provider, Victoria
I like the speed and ease of SPP, I love how it maps multiple standards. It’s so convenient, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare to do the work manually. The templates are great for gap analysis. SPP resource templates are great for implementing new policies in the office and for what we do day to day.
Large provider of settlement services to immigrants, New South Wales
I have found the SPP system amazing. It provides a structured way to work through the standards and then provide a succinct report on the evidence being provided for a surveyor to view how we meet the standard. I used this in our recent accreditation survey, the auditor was very impressed, AND we are now accredited for ISO 9001. Thanks again. A great system.
Provider of diverse range of health programs, Queensland
We really like SPP. We use the resources in the Reading Room and couldn't have passed our accreditation with flying colours without SPP.
Advocacy, support and education provider, Australian Capital Territory
Everything is going well with SPP. It’s helped us through three lots of accreditation over the past nine months plus some internal auditing, so I’m very glad to have had it to assist us through the processes.
Large regional multi-service provider, Victoria
Thanks Claire, I just wanted to pass on the compliments we received from the NDIS auditors. We gave them access to SPP to audit our documents and they were amazed and thrilled with the platform. It made their job so easy and they were not aware that a platform like this exists. Just wanted to share this feedback. We've been using SPP now for six years, and we are very happy with it.
Home Care and Disability Services Provider, New South Wales
Hi BNG, I love you guys! Thanks for all the updates, they are great!!! I am madly getting ready for audit and couldn’t do it without you.
Community transport provider, New South Wales
Hi James, I'd just like to say that working with you and your colleagues at BNG/SPP has been nothing short of excellent. Your professionalism, the quality of your product and your amazing customer service have been so completely refreshing!
Large provider of homelessness services, Victoria
The portal has really improved our ability to conduct self-assessments, and helped to reduce risk through greater visibility against other accreditation standards. Another terrific benefit is access to all of the templates and evidence guides in the Reading Room, as well as the regular alerts about new resources or industry changes, to make sure we keep up to date.
Baptcare, Victoria
We just had our first certification audit under NDIS Quality Safeguards Standard last week, the auditor loved the portal. Keep up the excellent work!
Large provider of supports to adults with a disability, Victoria
Thanks again for all the amazing support you and the team offer – makes our job so easy having such a stable tool to work on with our clients.
Provider of accreditation and governance services
I just wanted to let you know that we've now completed our ASES accreditation! A big thank you to the team at BNG!
NSW homelessness service provider
Hello Team, we've just had our NDIS recertification audit. We used SPP to prepare and it placed us in good stead. We will continue to do a gap analysis every 6 months and we will be using SPP to ensure that we are across the latest requirements. Thank you again for providing such a good platform and such a helpful tool to enable providers to deliver the best care for participants.
Large disability home services provider, Vic