Managing violence and aggression​

It is important that no matter the working environment, your organisation is prepared for when violent or aggressive incidents occur.

Managing violence and aggression is a multi-step process. It involves preventative measures such as risk identification and management, risk assessment, processes for responding to violent or aggressive behaviour, investigating incidents and the roles and responsibilities of workers, clients and management committees.

Workplace violence and aggression includes actions that could physically or psychologically harm another person, taking place in a service environment. This includes situations where workers or clients are threatened, attacked or physically assaulted in a service delivery setting.

To assist organisations to develop comprehensive processes to prevent and manage violence and aggression in the workplace, BNG has developed a  multi-step policy template.

The policy template includes organisational principles such as:

  • Deeming aggression and violence as unacceptable forms of behaviour
  • Not tolerating aggression and violent behaviours of staff, clients, volunteers
  • Recognising responsibility to ensure a safe environment;

The policy also addresses environmental risks such as ensuring ease of access and exit to and from buildings, as well as client and staff risks such as substance  abuse and dementia and delirium.

Find the following template in the SPP Reading Room:

  • Policy: Managing Violence and Aggression