What people are saying about SPP

We're proud to be working with over 1,500 service providers, peaks, government bodies and accrediting agencies across Australia, providing them with the tools to achieve quality compliance and organisational good practice.

We think Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP) is a great online tool, but don't take our word for it! Here's a sample of what organisations across Australia are saying about SPP.


'SPP has been a great resource for understanding and mapping Standards, preparing for Audits and also sourcing resources for policy development. I would recommend it to other organisations to complement their quality and compliance work. Information can be easily shared, and evidence gathered to support all work done.'

— Community mental health service provider, Victoria

'I like the speed and ease of SPP, I love how it maps multiple standards. It’s so convenient, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare to do the work manually. The templates are great for gap analysis. SPP resource templates are great for implementing new policies in the office and for what we do day to day.'

— Large provider of settlement services to immigrants, New South Wales

'I have found the SPP system amazing. It provides a structured way to work through the standards and then provide a succinct report on the evidence being provided for a surveyor to view how we meet the standard. I used this in our recent accreditation survey, the auditor was very impressed, AND we are now accredited for ISO 9001. Thanks again. A great system.'

— Provider of diverse range of health programs, Queensland

'We really like SPP. We use the resources in the Reading Room and couldn't have passed our accreditation with flying colours without SPP.'

— Advocacy, support and education provider, Australian Capital Territory

'Everything is going well with SPP. It’s helped us through three lots of accreditation over the past nine months plus some internal auditing, so I’m very glad to have had it to assist us through the processes.'

— Large regional multi-service provider, Victoria

'I have to say I am loving your product. It has assisted me with my work in such a big way. SPP is very easy to follow and user friendly. It has helped with my compliance and review work in a big way. The reports and graph sections in the Standards are fantastic. The Assessment questions asked are very helpful in getting me on the right track. I love the mapping of more than one standard. This makes my job at easier because I don’t have to duplicate my work. I wear multiple hats and this has always been one of my biggest nightmares, keeping up with it.'

— Provider of in-home support services, South Australia

'I have found SPP very worthwhile. I enjoyed "ticking the boxes" for self-assessment and saving of the evidence packs, this saved a lot of time. I used it for my last third party accreditation and will use it again for my 2018 review.'

— Medium-sized rural aged and disability service provider, New South Wales

'Our organisation found SPP invaluable (with its reporting functionality, templates etc) for our recent Quality Review with auditors.'

— Medium-sized community services provider, Tasmania

'I love the templates and the layout of SPP.'

— Provider of supported accommodation, Australian Capital Territory

'We found it great self-auditing. It really helped us focus on seeing (and addressing) the gaps in our organisation.'

— Aged care service provider, New South Wales

'SPP is excellent and the cross-referencing between different quality standards is particularly useful.'

— State branch provider of care and support for people living with a disadvantage, Australian Capital Territory

'We have found SPP very convenient to use, mainly because of the huge amount of time it has saved us, reducing replication across a range of community standards.'

— State branch of large national community multi-service provider, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

'I am really impressed with SPP, in particular how the standards are all linked. This saves a lot of work and duplication.'

— Homelessness service provider, New South Wales

'We find SPP really useful. It provides a one-stop-shop for all the main standards that we comply with.'

— Large provider of personal, home and community support services, Australian Capital Territory

'We follow a range of standards, and use SPP mainly in the lead-up to accreditation against those standards. We also access the Reading Room regularly as a key source for internal policies and procedures and guides. Very helpful.'

— Large provider of support services to families and children, Australian Capital Territory