Tasmanian Community Services Quality Portal

Tasmanian community service organisations have the opportunity to spend more time on service delivery and less time on reporting with the Tasmanian Community Services Quality Portal.

The Portal draws on Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), an easy-to-use online service that tackles the problem of quality standards and compliance reporting.

It allows Tasmanian organisations to assess themselves and report against 30 state and federal quality standards in common use, including:

  • DHHS Quality and Safety Standards
  • Tasmanian Disability Standards
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • Community Care Common Standards
  • and many more.


Main features

  • Electronic system for completing quality or service standards assessments and compliance reporting
  • Electronic workbook with online assessments against the criteria for all components of relevant Australian community services and health standards
  • Automatically generated responses to assessments describing action required to complete compliance
  • Guided activities, tools and resources linked to actions supports activities to reach compliance
  • Automatically generated quality improvement plans
  • Electronic ’evidence pack’ where pre-existing or newly completed documents can be loaded to provide evidence of compliance for external assessors
  • A progress display tracks progress by percentage of compliance and by visual graphs.
  • Standards cross-referencing system enabling completion of multiple sets of standards through a single assessment process
  • Provides industry benchmarking and global reporting.


Key benefits

  • Save up to 80% of the time reporting on standards.
  • Increase time dedicated to service delivery.
  • Improve risk management.
  • Build organisational capability.
  • Solve the problem of reporting on multiple standards.