Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP)

A compliance management and quality improvement support platform

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Key Features of SPP

Measure organisational performance with benchmark assessments

Standard criteria assessments

Our platform provides you with easy-to-follow self-assessments – guiding you through the issues you need to address in order to meet Australian community and health standards criteria.

Templates, tools & resources

SPP’s comprehensive range of policy templates, evidence guides, information sheets and best practice guides will help you with all aspects of​ compliance management​ and ​quality improvement​. Simply browse our resources, download what you need and adjust the information to suit your service.

Personal document, evidence libraries

Our platform offers a digital space to store and record compliance evidence and enable you to link this with assessments. Upload any documents you require to your very own library and manage everything in one easy-to-access place.

Cross-mapped standards

With 20+ years of refinement, the SPP platform allows you to cross-reference all core sets of standards and generate compliance reports. This helps you avoid duplication when following multiple standards, so you can identify gaps that need work before you meet the next requirement.

Performance planning tools

Utilise SPPs ​performance management tools​ to create templates and planners. By doing so, you’ll be able to record and monitor your business processes – from​ business risk management ​to internal audits. With these tools, your organisation will benefit from more accountable and accurate processes.

Quality action-improvement plans

Our clever tools automatically build action-improvement plans based on identified gaps – it does all the work for you! Pulling together outstanding tasks, SPP will create you a detailed plan – assigning tasks and due dates to team members, in order to achieve compliance in an efficient, timely manner.

Clever workflow management tools

As an online, electronic platform, SPP helps businesses from all corners of Australia with scheduling reminder alerts, and customising planning procedures, all in one place!

Progress tracking

Once you sign up to SPP, your account will continuously track and display your progress. It will let you know how you’re going with compliance and present comparisons of industry benchmarks – allowing you to measure your journey, and even celebrate success with your team.

Ready for reviewers & accreditors

As a simple, streamlined process, the SPP system is readily available to accreditors, reviewers and auditors. Our platform enables your organisation to grant special read-only access to your reviewers, enabling them to conduct audits and verify evidence for accreditation.

Risk registers & planners

In addition to quality improvement, the SPP platform is also host to​ business risk management ​tools. To help you keep track of due dates, record project details and prepare for risk compliance, the SPP platform enables you to create tailored templates and registers.

Key Benefits of SPP

Performance measurement tools that support your cause

Improve delivery capacity & save time

Our SPP tools help your business save up to 80% of time on compliance, freeing up your time to dedicate to quality service delivery.

Straightforward & easy to use

SPP’s easy-to-follow assessments cut through the complicated and detailed world of standards. Our platform takes you on a simple, educational journey through the issues you need to understand and meet standards.

Reduces red-tape

Simplify the process of tracking detailed requirements in many different sets of service standards by
letting SPP do the hard work.

Enhance organisation capabilities

With an abundance of helpful tools at the click of a button, our SPP resources will enhance knowledge and skills in your organisation – allowing you and your team to upskill and gain further expertise in your field.

Forget the paperwork

Over the years, we’ve streamlined the SPP process to fit with today's high-tech world, allowing you to secure all documentation online, remotely.

Manage risk

Providing you with progress reporting tools, SPP acts as a ​business risk management ​platform – helping you to identify and track vulnerabilities and make improvements accordingly.

We understand compliance management can be tricky.

Accreditations and quality standards on SPP

Australian National Standards

  • Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Aged Care Diversity Framework action plans
  • Aged Care - Clinical Governance (ACQSC guidance)
  • ACSA Wellness and Reablement Roadmap
  • Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standard (WANADA)
  • ATCA Standard
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) Governance Standards
  • Australian Childhood Foundation Safeguarding Children Documentation Checklist
  • Australian Community Industry Standard
  • Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS) Standards
  • Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) - Award 
  • Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) - Certificate
  • COVID-19 Outbreak First 24 Hours
  • COVID-19 Preparedness Survey
  • COVID-Safe Workplace Checklist
  • Dementia Australia - Quality Care Recommendations
  • Disability Employment Services (DES) Quality Framework
  • Essential Eight Maturity Model
  • Family Support Program Administrative Approval Requirements
  • Financial Counselling Australia Agency Practice Standards
  • Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) Code
  • Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health
  • Inclusive Service Standards
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 45001
  • Minimum Practice Standards: Specialist and Community Support Services Responding to Child Sexual Abuse
  • NASASV Standards of Practice for Services Against Sexual Violence (3rd Edition)
  • National Catholic Safeguarding Standards
  • National Community Housing Standards
  • National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care
  • National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
  • National Quality Framework - Education and Care Services National Law & National Regulations
  • National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care
  • National Quality Framework - Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
  • National Quality Framework - My Time, Our Place: Framework for School Aged Children in Australia 
  • National Regulatory Code for Community Housing (NRCCH) - All Tiers
  • National Regulatory Code for Community Housing (NRCCH) - Additional Tier 1 and 2 Requirements
  • National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health (NSQDMH) Standards
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards
  • NSQHS - Antimicrobial Stewardship Clinical Care Standard
  • NSQHS - Multi-Purpose Services Aged Care Module
  • National Standards for Disability Services
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services
  • National Standards for Out of Home Care
  • National Standards for Volunteer Involvement
  • ORIC Healthy Corporation Checklist
  • Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness
  • QIC Health and Community Services Standards
  • RACGP Standards for General Practices
  • Rainbow Tick Standards
  • Retirement Living Code of Conduct
  • Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • White Ribbon Standards

Australian State & Territory Standards

  • Australian Capital Territory
    • Children and Young People (Care and Protection Organisation) Standards
  • New South Wales
    • Bus Operator Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) Standards
    • Child Safe Standards
    • Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care
    • Clinical Care Standards AOD
    • Compliance Framework for Men's Behaviour Change Program
    • Disability Services Standards
    • Disability Services Standards Key Performance Indicators
    • Point to Point Self-Assessment
    • Practice Framework Standards for Child Protection and Out of Home Care Practitioners
    • Rules of Conduct for Operators of Retirement Villages
    • Specialist Homelessness Service Standards
    • Standards for Statutory Out of Home Care
  • Northern Territory
    • Disability Service Standards
  • Queensland
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Common Requirements
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Child Protection Placement and Support Services
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Families
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Domestic & Family Violence
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Individuals
    • Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) – Young People
  • South Australia
    • Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) — Certificate
    • Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) — Award
    • WHS Performance Standards for Self-Insured Employers
    • Injury Management Standards for Self-Insured Employers
  • Tasmania
    • Child and Youth Safe Standards
    • Quality and Safety Standards
    • Passenger Transport Operator Accreditation
    • Tasmanian Non-government Schools Registration Board Guidelines - Guidelines for re-registration of a non-government school
  • Victoria
    • Child Safe Standards
    • Community Housing Aboriginal Cultural Safety Framework
    • Complaint Handling Standards
    • Domestic Violence Victoria Code of Practice
    • Healthcare That Counts Framework
    • Human Services Standards
    • Family Violence MARAM Framework
    • Performance Standards for Registered Housing Agencies
    • Social Services Standards (Consultation Draft)
    • Strengthening Cultural Safety of Family Violence Services Assessment Tool
    • VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers
  • Western Australia
    • Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standard (WANADA)
    • Better Care, Better Services Standards
    • Specialist Homelessness Services Standards
    • Standards for Child Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Services
    • Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Standards
    • Worksafe Plan

NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework

  • NDIS Code of Conduct
  • NDIS Practice Standards—Core module, supplementary modules 1-5 and verification module 6
  • Complaints Management and Resolution
  • Incident Management and Reportable Incidents
  • NDIA Terms of Business for Registered Providers (including SDA Addendum)
  • NDIS Additional Registration Condition for Daily Personal Activities

Towards Best Practice

SPP also has organisational self-assessments for:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence
  • Human Resource Management
  • Workplace Gender Equality
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Aged Care Diversity Action Plans
  • Quality and Safety in Home Services Guidance

Standards available through specialised portals

* BNG does not provide direct accreditation services. However, we can advise on quality and accreditation standards, and appropriate accreditation bodies. For a list of auditors/accreditors, visit our auditors listing page.

Please let us know if there are other standards we should carry on SPP via our Contact Page.

Our Packages

Subscription rates for our services are scaled to the annual revenue of organisations, as part of our commitment to supporting smaller NGOs. Subscriptions to Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP) may be purchased as a one-year subscription or as a three-year package.  A three-year package provides a 10% discount.

Organisation's Annual Revenue:
Up to $1 million
$1,815.00 $4,900.50
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
$1m to $5 million
$2,365.00 $6,385.50
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
$5m to $10 million
$3,850.00 $10,395.00
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
$10m to $15 million
$5,445.00 $14,701.50
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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Organisation's Annual Revenue:
greater than $15 million
$6,985.00 $18,859.50
Annual Price in AUD. Inc 10% GST.
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SPP Tailoring Options

As well as being available to individual organisations by subscription, Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP) is available as a tailored portal and reporting platform for peak bodies, government departments and accreditation agencies. BNG also provides a specialised SPP for large multi-service organisations.

These are designed for large, multi-service and/or brokerage organisations and franchised service-providers. An SPP multi-service account enables organisations with diverse services or operational areas to assess and monitor these separately.

Multi-service accounts enable the organisation to:

  • Set up assessment and monitoring areas for each service or operational area, all sitting under a main corporate account.
  • Add or remove services or operational areas.
  • Manage and allocate passwords and different levels of access.
  • Manage evidence for different services or areas.
  • Generate action plans specifically for each service or area.
  • Manage corporate or organisational level assessment and evidence documentation.
  • Generate corporate reports across the various service or operational areas.

A tailored portal is a version of SPP that is customised for a certain group of users, often with bespoke self-assessments and additional resources. Tailored portals are typically created for peak bodies or government departments.

Features of tailored portals include:

  • Custom branding and display of client/s logo.
  • Tailored standards menu that links to an underlying menu of all standards carried by the SPP.
  • Service-specific resources and links that can be loaded onto a client's portal to complement the SPP resources and tools.
  • Progress reports and evidence packs to be directly submitted to the lead agency.
  • Integration of progress and compliance data with existing lead agency monitoring systems or databases.
  • A Reviewing & Reporting Area.

We can provide agencies or reviewing bodies with a secure Reviewing & Reporting Area, in which they can review all organisations or clients who are linked there.

A Reviewing & Reporting Area enables reviewers to:

  • Conduct desktop audits:
    • access online evidence reports and documents to streamline desktop audits
    • save evidence reports and documents offline if required
    • view the organisation's action plans
  • Actively work with organisations online as they complete self-assessments and quality improvement planning - with the organisation's permission, you can view their assessments, edit content in assessments or action plans, and add action items.
  • Allocate and monitor client load of assessors.
  • View complete list and contact details of all organisations.
  • View progress of organisations in meeting standards.
  • Generate aggregated reports showing completion and evidence document status of all organisations against a particular standard. 
We used SPP to prepare for our recent NDIS audit across a range of service areas and it was extremely helpful – to the degree that our auditor said we “exceeded” in several areas! As part of that process, we worked with BNG to build a bespoke internal “Vinnies NDIS” module, to ensure consistency of practices across our many services. We are thrilled with the results and are now using SPP across our whole organisation.
St Vincent de Paul Society (NSW)
Just wanted to let you know we really appreciated your extra effort to get us up-do-date with the new NDIS practice standards. We’ve already received some feedback from our audit, and they were really pleased that we already had a draft guideline to cover High Intensity Daily Personal Activities. Thanks again for your ongoing support – it is appreciated and is making a difference!!
Large multi-service provider, WA
SPP has been a great resource for understanding and mapping Standards, preparing for Audits and also sourcing resources for policy development. I would recommend it to other organisations to complement their quality and compliance work. Information can be easily shared, and evidence gathered to support all work done.
Community mental health service provider, Victoria
I like the speed and ease of SPP, I love how it maps multiple standards. It’s so convenient, I couldn’t imagine the nightmare to do the work manually. The templates are great for gap analysis. SPP resource templates are great for implementing new policies in the office and for what we do day to day.
Large provider of settlement services to immigrants, New South Wales
I have found the SPP system amazing. It provides a structured way to work through the standards and then provide a succinct report on the evidence being provided for a surveyor to view how we meet the standard. I used this in our recent accreditation survey, the auditor was very impressed, AND we are now accredited for ISO 9001. Thanks again. A great system.
Provider of diverse range of health programs, Queensland
We really like SPP. We use the resources in the Reading Room and couldn't have passed our accreditation with flying colours without SPP.
Advocacy, support and education provider, Australian Capital Territory
Everything is going well with SPP. It’s helped us through three lots of accreditation over the past nine months plus some internal auditing, so I’m very glad to have had it to assist us through the processes.
Large regional multi-service provider, Victoria
Thanks Claire, I just wanted to pass on the compliments we received from the NDIS auditors. We gave them access to SPP to audit our documents and they were amazed and thrilled with the platform. It made their job so easy and they were not aware that a platform like this exists. Just wanted to share this feedback. We've been using SPP now for six years, and we are very happy with it.
Home Care and Disability Services Provider, New South Wales
Hi BNG, I love you guys! Thanks for all the updates, they are great!!! I am madly getting ready for audit and couldn’t do it without you.
Community transport provider, New South Wales
Hi James, I'd just like to say that working with you and your colleagues at BNG/SPP has been nothing short of excellent. Your professionalism, the quality of your product and your amazing customer service have been so completely refreshing!
Large provider of homelessness services, Victoria
The portal has really improved our ability to conduct self-assessments, and helped to reduce risk through greater visibility against other accreditation standards. Another terrific benefit is access to all of the templates and evidence guides in the Reading Room, as well as the regular alerts about new resources or industry changes, to make sure we keep up to date.
Baptcare, Victoria
We just had our first certification audit under NDIS Quality Safeguards Standard last week, the auditor loved the portal. Keep up the excellent work!
Large provider of supports to adults with a disability, Victoria
Thanks again for all the amazing support you and the team offer – makes our job so easy having such a stable tool to work on with our clients.
Provider of accreditation and governance services
I just wanted to let you know that we've now completed our ASES accreditation! A big thank you to the team at BNG!
NSW homelessness service provider
Hello Team, we've just had our NDIS recertification audit. We used SPP to prepare and it placed us in good stead. We will continue to do a gap analysis every 6 months and we will be using SPP to ensure that we are across the latest requirements. Thank you again for providing such a good platform and such a helpful tool to enable providers to deliver the best care for participants.
Large disability home services provider, Vic