SPP Tailored Options

As well as being available to individual organisations by subscription, Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP) is available as a tailored portal and reporting platform for peak bodies, government departments and accreditation agencies. BNG also provides a specialised SPP for large multi-service organisations.


SPP Multi-Service Accounts

These are designed for large, multi-service and/or brokerage organisations and franchised service-providers. An SPP multi-service account enables organisations with diverse services or operational areas to assess and monitor these separately.

Multi-service accounts enable the organisation to:

  • Set up assessment and monitoring areas for each service or operational area, all sitting under a main corporate account.
  • Add or remove services or operational areas.
  • Manage and allocate passwords and different levels of access.
  • Manage evidence for different services or areas.
  • Generate action plans specifically for each service or area.
  • Manage corporate or organisational level assessment and evidence documentation.
  • Generate corporate reports across the various service or operational areas.

For further information on multi-service accounts:
Phone: 02 9569 1704


Tailored Portals

A portal is a tailored version of the SPP for NGOs that are part of, or funded by, a lead agency.

Features of tailored portals include:

  • Custom branding and display of client/s logo.
  • Tailored standards menu that links to an underlying menu of all standards carried by the SPP.
  • Service-specific resources and links that can be loaded onto a client's portal to complement the SPP resources and tools.
  • Progress reports and evidence packs to be directly submitted to the lead agency.
  • Integration of progress and compliance data with existing lead agency monitoring systems or databases.
  • A Reviewing & Reporting Area.

Client Reviewing & Reporting Area

Tailored portals can be equipped with a Reviewing & Reporting Area for use by the agency that has commissioned the portal. This site is accessed through a password-protected login.

A Reviewing & Reporting Area enables portal clients to:

  • Conduct desk audits:
    • electronically access client evidence reports and documents for online desk audits
    • save evidence reports and documents offline if required
    • view client organisation action plans
  • Actively work with client organisations online as they complete self-assessments and quality improvement planning — with client organisation permission, can electronically view assessments, edit content in assessments or action plans, and add action items.
  • Allocate and monitor client load of assessors.
  • View complete list and contact details of all client organisations.
  • View progress of client organisations in meeting standards.
  • Generate reports on the numbers of client organisations that have completed each assessment, commenced assessments in a particular standard and met all the criteria within particular standards. The reports may be filtered by different variables, including postcode, state and date range.

For further information on tailored portals and reporting platforms:
Phone: 02 9569 1704