SHS Quality Standards Portal

Get your organisation on top of the Quality Assurance Standards for Specialist Homelessness Services with the easy-to-use SHS Quality Standards Portal.

The Industry Partnership has partnered with BNG NGO Services Online to help Specialist Homelessness Services manage quality, compliance and risk, and meet practice requirements under the Quality Assurance Scheme.

The Portal is a tailored version of Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), a leading online service for completing service and quality standards, compliance activities, as well as for managing risk and quality performance.

The SHS Quality Standards Portal is an easy-to-use system. It's transformed the standards into a set of simple assessments. As you answer the assessments, the Portal automatically builds an action plan that identifies areas for further work to meet the standard. It also provides tools and templates to help complete any required action, stores any uploaded documentation as part of an ‘evidence pack’ and shows how you are tracking against industry benchmarks.


Great unique features

SPP offers unique and practical features that make managing quality, risk and compliance so much easier. Here’s a sample.

  • Automatically generated action plans.
    As you complete assessments, SPP automatically builds an action plan that pulls together all the action items your organisation needs to complete for compliance. Plus, you can download it as a spreadsheet, giving you the option to take your work offline as well.

  • Assign tasks to users and set-up email alerts.
    You can add an unlimited number of colleagues to the account as users, assign them tasks and set weekly email reminders so everyone’s across upcoming actions.

  • Access to downloadable resources (including policy/procedure templates).
    You can access a range of resources to help you complete the work needed to achieve compliance. These include policy/procedure templates that you can easily download and customise for your organisation. The resources are written by people with extensive experience in the community/health sector.

  • Tools to manage risk, compliance, planning and performance
    It includes two features that help you manage quality, risk and compliance beyond standards. You can now build registers and planners to monitor other compliance areas, manage risk and undertake planning.


Subscription arrangements

The Industry Partnership has funded 100 free subscriptions to the Portal for SHS-funded organisations with an annual income of under $5 million. Please contact the Industry Partnership at to apply for one of these 100 subscriptions.

For SHS-funded organisations with an annual income over $5 million and that are members of Homelessness NSW, Domestic Violence NSW or Yfoundations, there is a 15% discount on subscriptions to the Portal.

For organisations that are not members of one of these peaks, they can become a peak member to receive the discount or sign-up at the full subscription price.

Choose the option below that matches your organisation's profile to register for a subscription.


Is your organisation’s annual income under $5 million?
Click 'Apply' to register your interest.


  Is your organisation’s annual income over $5 million?
If you are entitled to a discount, choose your peak from the discount menu in the online registration form. Click 'Subscribe' to begin.





Pricing & Packages

See below for pricing and packages for the Portal. Note that these prices include the 15% discount.

SHS Quality Standards Portal — One-Year Package

Organisation’s Annual Income
Total for 1 year
+ 10% GST
Discount saving
Income $5m - $10 million
Income $10m - $15 million
Income over $15 million






SHS Quality Standards Portal — Three-Year Package

Organisation’s Annual Income
Total for 3 years
+ 10% GST
Discount saving
Income $5m - $10 million
Income $10m - $15 million
Income greater than $15 million