QIP SPP Quality Portal

At your next renewal, you’ll have the choice of sticking with the Standards & Performance Pathways service (what you’ve been using to-date as the ‘QIP Quality Portal’) or changing to QIP’s Accreditation Pro. Choosing to stay with the Portal will not affect your work with QIP.

Before you make the choice, we thought we’d let you know about the advantages of sticking with the SPP QIP Quality Portal.

We’re offering a 15% discount to QIP Quality Portal registrations and renewals.


No need to start all over again — build on your existing work

By sticking with Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), you’ll keep all the work you’ve invested in the process. All your assessment answers, all your documents and all your evidence packs will remain as they were, ready as a solid foundation for ongoing work and development.

With SPP, you don’t need to start from scratch – so you save time and resources, and get to build on your existing work.

Plus, there’s no need to learn a whole new system.


Great unique features

SPP offers unique and practical features that make managing quality, risk and compliance so much easier. We continue work closely with the community and health services sector to develop and enhance SPP’s features. Here’s a sample of unique features SPP offers.

  • Automatically generated action plans.
    As you complete assessments, SPP automatically builds an action plan that pulls together all the action items your organisation needs to complete for compliance. Plus, you can download it as a spreadsheet, giving you the option to take your work offline as well.

  • Assign tasks to users and set-up email alerts.
    You can add an unlimited number of colleagues to the account as users, assign them tasks and set weekly email reminders so everyone’s across upcoming actions.

  • Access to downloadable resources (including policy/procedure templates).
    With SPP, you also get access to a range of resources to help you complete the work needed to achieve compliance. These include policy/procedure templates that you can easily download and customise for your organisation. The resources are written by people with extensive experience in the community/health sector.

  • Tools to manage risk, compliance, planning and performance
    SPP has introduced two new features that help you manage quality, risk and compliance beyond standards. You can now build registers and planners to monitor other compliance areas, manage risk and undertake planning.


Flexibility — you keep the choice of accreditor

SPP will continue to be accessible to reviewers, auditors and accreditors, including through to the SPP QIP Quality Portal. We work with a range of accreditation bodies, so sticking with SPP means that, at each accreditation cycle, your organisation will continue to have the freedom to choose an accreditation body that suits your organisation’s changing needs.

SPP offers your organisation flexibility when it comes to choice of accreditor.


Keeps you across changes in the standards environment

SPP keeps you up-to-date with all the essential changes to the standards environment that you need to know about, as well as tips and practical advice. We’ll continue to give you the heads-up when changes to standards come through.

SPP is more than just an online service for completing standards – it’s a relationship to help your organisation manage quality, risk and compliance.


Multiple standards made easier

SPP takes the duplication out of working with multiple standards, saving your organisation time and resources. You only need to complete a standards assessment once, and the Portal applies it across all relevant standards.


Multi-service accounts

SPP is now available with multiple accounts under a single corporate account. These are designed for organisations with diverse service outlets, operational areas or brokerage/franchise services that need to be separately accountable. They provide individual service accounts linked to a ‘corporate’ account, enabling an overview of all services and organisational level assessments and evidence documentation, that auto-populates the individual service accounts for common areas such as governance, finance and human resource management.



We’re committed to providing a service that understands the financial needs and other requirements of organisations in the community services and health sectors. SPP will continue to remain an affordable service to organisations big or small, and everything in between.


15% discount on renewals and registrations

We’re offering QIP Quality Portal members a 15% discount on renewals and registrations to the Portal.

Please call us on (02) 9569 1704 or email us to renew your subscription.