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The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is developing a consistent national approach to quality and safeguards to help empower and support NDIS participants, while ensuring that all funded supports are high-quality and provided in safe environments.

When implemented, the Quality and Safeguarding Framework will replace the current State, Territory, and Commonwealth quality and safeguarding requirements that apply to the provision of disability services. The Framework will be progressively rolled out from June 2018.

The components of the Quality and Safeguarding Framework will apply to individuals, the workforce, and providers in three domains: developmental, preventative, and corrective.

  • Developmental measures will help strengthen the capability of participants, disability workers, and suppliers of supports under the NDIS.
  • The preventative and corrective measures will help ensure appropriate responses to issues that arise, as well as help identify opportunities to prevent them in the future, either through a regulatory response or through education and capacity-building.

Preventative measures applicable to providers will include compliance with the Code of Conduct and Practice Standards.

In addition to the Framework, all Registered Providers must also comply with the NDIS Terms of Business. These set out protocols and requirements for acceptable business practice and service delivery. For further information about the Framework, see the following links.



NDIS Terms of Business

The NDIS Terms of Business are operational and self-assessments against them are available on Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP).

The Terms of Business set out protocols and requirements that must be complied with by all Registered Providers of supports in the NDIS. If a Registered Provider does not comply with the Terms of Business, the NDIA may consider revoking the Registered Provider’s registration.

If your organisation has registered, or intends to register, with the NDIA as a Registered Provider, then it is vital that you are aware of, and comply with, your obligations set out in the Terms of Business.

Registered Providers of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) must also be aware of, and comply with, the additional requirements set out in the SDA Addendum to the Terms of Business.

The Terms of Business and SDA Addendum are both available as self-assessments in SPP. All the requirements are transformed into straightforward questions and grouped under the headings set out in the terms themselves.

> Download a summary of the NDIS Terms of Business


NDIS Code of Conduct

A consultation draft of the NDIS Code of Conduct was released on 10 May 2017, with the consultation period closing on 21 June 2017.

The Code of Conduct will outline the expectations for people delivering NDIS supports and services. The Code will be overseen by a new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, which will have the ability to apply penalties for breaches of the Code.

The Code will apply to all providers and workers doing work that is funded under the NDIS, whether the provider is an NDIS registered provider or an unregistered provider delivering services to a self-managed NDIS participant.

The Code will be available on SPP as a self-assessment once it is finalised and operational.

> Download a summary of the consultation draft Code of Conduct


NDIS Practice Standards

The not-yet-released NDIS Practice Standards will be based on the National Standards for Disability Services and the National Standards for Mental Health Services, where applicable. They will set out the quality and safety requirements for all registered NDIS providers, and consist of a Core module and six Supplementary modules.

Self-assessments for the NDIS Practice Standards will be available on SPP alongside the NDIS Code of Conduct when they have been finalised and implemented.


Disability Services Standards on SPP

Until the Framework is fully implemented, existing State and Territory quality and safeguarding arrangements will continue to be used, together with the NDIS Terms of Business. SPP carries the following standards relevant to existing arrangements.

  • Attendant Care Industry Standard (2013)
  • Disability Services Standards (Advocacy) (2012)
  • Home Care Common Standards (2015)
  • National Standards for Disability Services (2013)
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services (2010)
  • NSW Disability Services Standards Key Performance Indicators (2012)
  • NSW Disability Services Standards (2016)
  • NT Disability Service Standards
  • Queensland Human Services Quality Standards (2016)
  • Tasmanian Quality and Safety Standards (2016)
  • Victorian Human Services Standards (2015)


Accessing Standards & Performance Pathways

As well as these NDIS essentials, a subscription to SPP includes self-assessments for over 40 other community services and health standards (see the full list here). Your organisation will also have access to over 200 policy templates and information sheets to help you undertake the practical steps towards achieving compliance.

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