Current Portals

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SPP Portals

  • Attendant Care Industry Australia (ACIA)
    For members of the Attendant Care Industry Association (ACIA), this portal includes ACIS: 2013, the most recent attendant care industry standards, as well as the main community services standards. A 15% discount on the SPP subscription is available to ACIA members.





  • National Standards for Volunteer Involvement Tool
    Developed in partnership with Volunteering Australia, this easy-to-use online self-assessment tool helps organisations work towards meeting the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. The tool measures your organisation's performance with volunteer involvement and helps achieve best practice, ultimately improving the organisation's ability to attract and retain volunteers.


  • QIP Quality Portal
    Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) offers a tailored version of the SPP to client organisations that are working through an accreditation process with QIP. The Quality Portal is also used by assessors, enabling them to view and work through client organisations' online assessments, work plans and evidence as part of the accreditation process.


  • Specialist Homelessness Services Quality Standards Portal
    The Industry Partnership has partnered with BNG NGO Services Online to help Specialist Homelessness Services manage quality, compliance and risk, and meet practice requirements under the Quality Assurance Scheme. SHS-funded organisations with an annual income under $5 million can access a pre-funded subscription, while those over $5 million receive a 15% discount.


  • Tasmanian Community Services Quality Portal
    The Tasmanian Community Services Quality Portal is an easy-to-use online resource that can significantly reduce the amount of time your organisation spends on quality standards reporting. It also provides tools to build organisational capabilities and capacity.


MSO Portals