Topic: Client Services

Client Services


We all aim to provide a high level of service to clients, right? But what does that look like in practice? First and foremost, it's a commitment to service delivery that:

  • Responds to individual needs.
  • Respects their right to self-determination and empowerment.
  • Recognises their cultural needs.

A new batch of resource and tools are now available on Management Support Online (MSO) to help organisations with client service delivery, especially disability service providers.

These resources cover issues from duty of care through to the process for assessment, client participation, case management to transition or exit from the service.

There are also policies and procedures for dealing with safety and security, including tools for recording incidents and investigations. These have been developed to assist organisations in continuing to provide clients with high quality services.



Complaints Register. A one-page template for recording client complaints. It allows you to record who, when and what type of complaint was made; if any external notification is required; and the status of any follow-up action. Download it here


NEW tools on client services

  • Incident Investigation
  • Incident Report
  • Case Plan
  • Client Rights & Service Charter
  • Duty of Care Policy
  • Client Assessment & Review Policy
  • Case Management Policy
  • Client Decision Making & Choice Policy
  • Client Participation & Social Inclusion Policy
  • Medication Management Policy
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours Policy
  • Client Safety & Security Policy
  • Client Transition or Exit From the Service Policy

Other related MSO resources

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  • Policy Template: Client Records
  • Client Service Planning: Information Sheet & Informed Consent
  • Client Feedback Survey
  • Clients: Privacy & Keeping Records
  • Client Service: Integrated System
  • Client: Rights & Responsibilities