Management Support Online

Management Support Online (MSO) is an integrated suite of online services and resources that focus on governance, management, operations and administration. The MSO provides detailed and practical resources on all aspects of running an NGO. It is designed to meet the needs of board/committee members, managers, staff teams and volunteers.

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Key Features



Tools, templates and guides
An extensive, accessible collection of pro formas, templates and infosheets. They cover everything from board/committee management to HR and finance, client service to planning and systems development. See full list of resources »


Expert advice and problem-solving
Receive confidential, professional advice by email or over the phone to help your organisation work through a specific issue. Up to 25 assistance sessions available per subscription year.


Assessment and diagnosis
Easy-to-follow quizes help you identify your organisation's strengths, as well as vulnerabilities and potential exposure to risk.

Policies and procedures
A comprehensive set of up-to-date policies and procedures that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Guided activities
Online guided activities help you review current operations, develop new approaches and complete specific tasks, such as the annual plan or budget.

MSO as a tailored portal
The MSO is also available as a portal — a specialist version in which the materials and site appearance are tailored for a particular group. More details »



Key Benefits



Creates efficiencies, saves time
Reinvent the wheel no longer; the MSO has already done the work. The templates and tools are there; all you need to do is make them your own. Dramatically reduce time and duplication of effort.


Helps manage risk
Acts as a prevention and early intervention strategy for governance, management and operational-related problems.


Builds internal expertise and capabilities
Develops and strengthens the capabilities of board/committee members, managers and staff teams, enhancing the management and governance expertise across the organisation.

Promotes organisational sustainability
Develops the sustainability and self-reliance of service providers, promoting a culture of organisational, practice and management excellence.

Geography need not be a barrier. As an online service, the MSO provides rural and remote organisations with ready access to quality management support resources and services.

Quality improvement
Supports organisations in implementing a system of quality improvement and prepare for accreditation.


Subscription rates


Subscription rates for our services are scaled to the income of organisations as part of our commitment to supporting smaller NGOs. Subscriptions to Management Support Online (MSO) may be purchased as a one-year subscription.


One-year Subscription



 Annual Income Level

 Annual subscription*

 Annual subscription* inc 10% GST 

 Maximum # of passwords+

Income under $150,000
Income $150,000 - $500,000
Income $500,000 - $1 million
Income $1m - $5 million
Income $5m - $10 million
Income greater than $10m





* All prices in $AUD

+ Additional passwords $60.5 incl GST